Site last updated: 29 April 2012


08 April 2013

I found some old Pixel Aspect Ratio notes from years ago. No idea if they're right, but might as well get them up there!

29 April 2012

It's been almost 8 years since my last update and this on is just to say that I've finally migrated the web site to the free Google Sites. Still a bit of tidying up to do, but it's a start. I used to say that it was a plain site because I don't know HTML; how thing's have changed: it's all wysiwyg now. However, it is still clear of silly graphics. :)

14 June 2004

I've added a downloads section and stripped out the Abit link. It's been a long time since I used the Abit mobo, and I don't think anyone goes to that page any longer!

18 August 2003

After 3 days of having a web site down, I'm back up and running! Here's what happened: my old hosting company, (a reseller of, failed to renew my annual hosting fee. Rather than getting in contact, they simply let the site expire. Only when I emailed them did they tell me that the site had expired and they'd "tried to email me numerous times". For a company that have my phone number and never fail to send me invoice notifications, I find this strange. :-) In view of the fact that this was the 4th time they'd cocked up, I've moved elsewhere to So far so good!

25 July 2003

I had a bit of a clear-up of all the junk in the web site. Also updated the boot-sequence site.

01 April 2002

You'll notice that I'm in the process of ditching the frames. They're causing too many complications with search engines. Also, finally got around to finishing off the Boot Sequence Page. Phew!

17 December 2001

Removed the stuff as I've moved to a hosting service that provide comprehensive stats. Also, corrected minor typos in the Boot Sequence pages.

16 August 2001

Sorry about the brief downtime: I was transferring the site to a new hosted service called Win2000Hoster. So far so good. (Don't be put off by the awful typos on their home page!)

05 August 2001

I made some change to the computer boot sequence pages. I also noticed at the time that there were some "inaccuracies" :-) so I'm planning to update those, errr, minor "oversights" as soon as possible. Watch this space.

03 April 2001

Started to shrink the web pages by using CSS. Started this with the computer boot sequence page, and got rid of 33% of the file size!

17 March 2001

Added a page about the memory timings on an Abit KT7A-RAID motherboard.

07 September 2000

Move to Easyspace web hosting.

03 September 2000

Reorganised the directories to prepare for new pages.

24 August 1999

More infrared tips added to the web page.

17 August 1999

Someone was decent enough to spell and grammar check the infrared pages for me (for which I'm grateful). I've therefore applied the changes and added some additional information to those pages.

15 August 1999

I've received some excellent feedback on the Nokia pages: particularly with specific issues not covered in the early version. Hopefully more feeback/tips to come...? I've also discovered another way to get the Nokia to work with infrared!

04 August 1999

Tidied up the infrared stuff with a few minor changes.

28 July 1999

I've corrected some of the links in the computer boot sequence section. Also, I've added a new section for connecting Windows 98 to a laptop via infrared.

13 June 1999

I've finally got around to sorting out my title and meta tags to make these pages easier to find.

12 June 1999

I've adopted this news list style. (The same thing that many gamers use on their web page.) It's really to show me the changes I've made to the web site! I'm still using frame but am now wondering whether it's worth it? If you have thoughts on this, let me know.

Anyway, it's about time I did something with the computer boot sequence pages as they seem to be quite popular. For more info on the changes, go to the changes section at the top of Computer Boot Sequence.

20 December 1998

After 2 months without updating the pages, I’m back! I seem to remember finishing off the Windows 95 Speed Tips and modifying the Computer Boot Sequence pages.

"I’ve got more…"